Say It in German: To Check Out

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auschecken – to check out (a repository)

  • Präsens Indikativ
    • ich checke aus
    • du checkst aus
    • er/sie/es checkt aus
    • wir checken aus
    • ihr checkt aus
    • sie/Sie checken aus
  • Hilfsverb: haben
  • Partizip II: ausgecheckt

I had initially wanted to learn the word for “repository”, but found that German uses the same word (das Repository).

So I started to look into the verbs relating to it.

One of the first words that I thought of was check out, as in to check out a repository.

This means to essentially to create a working copy (die Arbeitskopie) of the repository on your local system.

In the version control system Git, the command git clone (klonen – to clone) is used when you make a copy of a repository. It is also referred to as checking out in some guides I’ve seen.

On the other hand, the command git checkout is used for switching branches of a repository that is has already been cloned. With that command, you can also obtain working copies of different branches from the remote server.

To be honest, I’m still very confused about all this. I don’t know Git very well, just well enough to know how to use it for my daily needs.

Having to explain it, especially in terms of thinking about another language, has made this gap in my knowledge evident.

The verb auschecken is also used when you check out of a hotel. It is also the noun.

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