Say It in German: Version Control System

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das Versionsverwaltungssystem (pl. -e) – the version control system

Last week, we looked at Versionsverwaltung, which is version control.

Versionsverwaltungssysteme (version control systems) are software that can help with version control.

The one that I am most familiar with is Git. It is also the very first version control system that I used. The only other that I have used is Mercurial, as required for my software engineering class. (The latest iteration of the class uses Git now.)

Both of these are examples of distributed version control (Verteilte Versionsverwaltung) systems. There isn’t the concept of a central repository (das zentrale Repository) that is shared. Instead, everyone has their own copy, and the changes are shared between the copies.

Even with a distributed system, you would still need to host the repository somewhere so where others can access it. Github is a service that provides hosting for Git repositories. If you are interested, here is a short article (in German) about it, where it is called the social network for software developers.

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