Extending the Hiatus

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I’ll be extending the hiatus into June and July, because I got 0 posts done this entire month. My buffer is still null.

I did get to draw a bit more, and read more. I started exercising regularly, instead of 1-2 times only at the start of the week and then flatlining the rest of it. And I tried out a new diet (of sorts), which has improved my mental health tremendously with regards to food.

As things are, they’re going great. If I had all of May and June to myself, it would not be a problem to resume posting sooner. 

But choir practices will resume soon, and I know that it’s unrealistic to think I can continue with the comfortable pace. (I don’t think I’d really want to give up the extra stuff I’m doing – they’ve been great!)

So, the earliest I will be back would be mid July, which also marks a year since the first post. 

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