Singing to the Lord

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This is just a primer for my own thoughts on this issue. I’ve not fully developed my thoughts on it yet.

I recently (at the start of this month) attended a music seminar. Then, there’s my upcoming choir concert (with a secular choir) on Wednesday. The church choir will be presenting a cantata for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The weekly specials which are usually song items are also something of concern. It’s not surprising that singing has been on my mind.

What I’ve been considering are mostly about the attitude. The next thing is to do with the standard of the special item. Is it acceptable that it’s done poorly? Poorly can mean in the sense of lack of technique, but it might also mean that the attitude doesn’t appear right. (The person singing appearing to be disinterested.)

For congregational singing, technique isn’t a concern if the heart is right, I believe. (Psalms 66:1 and Psalms 100:1 says to make a joyful noise, something that a preacher pointed out before.) 

And more personally – just because I have the skill or background as a musician, is it an obligation to serve in the music ministry? I’m not singing in the cantata, but it’s not just because of my concert. Even without the concert, I’d have chosen not to. But I want to think and really examine if I made the right choice.

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