Say It in German: 503 Service Unavailable

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Dienst nicht verfügbar / Service nicht verfügbar – Service Unavailable

Error messages are common. Error codes are also rather common.

Today, I had to liaise between the customer (who would have to make the decision on what message they wanted displayed) and the guy working on the UI design on our team.

They were system messages to show to users when the system was down either because there was a scheduled maintenance running, or because there was an unexpected downtime: essentially, a 503 Error. Fehler 503.

The 503 Error is just one of the many HTTP response status codes (der HTTP-Statuscode). They are used to indicate a response to a HTTP request that was sent to the server, and are not only for errors.

Here is a partial list of the more common ones:

Code   Bedeutung (auf Deutsch)
200 OK OK
301 Moved Permanently Dauerhaft verschoben
401 Unauthorized Unauthorisiert
403 Forbidden Verboten
404 Not Found Nicht gefunden
500 Internal Server Error Interner Server-Fehler
503 Service Unavailable Dienst nicht verfügbar

The status code is made up of both the number and the English description that follows, not just the number. But for the more common codes that most people know, the people I work with would just refer to it by the number (“I got a 404”) or the description (“There’s an Internal Server Error”) alone.

Which one is used depends on the error. I have not heard anyone say “I got a 500” yet.

I would love to know how these status codes are referred to in software companies that use German as the main language of communication.

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