Peace – Isaiah 26:3

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Isaiah 26:3

der Frieden – peace

IPA: [ˈfʀiːdn̩]

Etymology: From Old High German fridu, from Proto-Germanic *friþuz (“peace, reconciliation”)[1]

Zustand der Eintracht, der Harmonie; (christliche Religion) Geborgenheit in Gott[2]

State of harmony; (Christian religion) Security in God

Jesaja 26,3 Den festen Sinn bewahrst du in Frieden, in Frieden; denn er vertraut auf dich.

Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

The German translation of the verse duplicates the word “Frieden”, just like in the original Hebrew, where it says שָׁלוֹם שָׁל֣וֹם׀ (shalom shalom) – “peace” is repeated.

If we think about Isaiah 26:3, it actually gives us a reason as to why we can have that sort of security in God.

God promises that if righteous man trusts in Him, then he can have peace, and will continue to have peace.

By “peace” here, I mean the intuitive sense of peace that is given by the first definition. No matter what may happen to us on the outside, we are calm on the inside. I wouldn’t say that I don’t worry at all when that happens, because it is rather natural to worry, but the real challenge would be able to truly be at peace even in the worst of circumsances.

I was actually surprised by one of Duden’s definition for Frieden. It’s the second one above that says it is security in God.

I wasn’t expecting one that defined peace as security in God at all, or one that had anything to do with religion.

I think the most surprising thing is that I wholeheartedly agree with that definition. Yet it would not have been the one that I would have given, had I been asked for one. The more conventional one comes to mind.

Because of this, the Bible goes on to say in the next verse:

Jesaja 26,4 Vertrauet auf Jehova ewiglich; denn in Jah, Jehova, ist ein Fels der Ewigkeiten.

Isaiah 26:4 Trust ye in the Lord for ever: for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength:

My hope is that I will choose to trust God for ever, no matter what happens in life.

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